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2022 Double Layer Inflatable Sup Board Stand Up Paddle Board

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UICE standing paddle surfing can open up a lot of fun and a good way to enjoy the water. Each UICE inflatable paddle has multiple uses to make your children and pets have fun on the water.

· Surfing - UICE paddle board is a great alternative to traditional surfing and a really interesting way to catch waves in the ocean.

· Cruising - Paddling around on lakes, slow moving rivers, or coastal waters is the most popular way of enjoying stand up paddle boarding. You’re out on the water, enjoying the sensation of standing up while paddling, enjoying nature, and finding peace.

· Yoga - UICE stand up paddle boards increases the instability, improves the challenge level of practicing yoga, and brings the element of outdoor tranquility on the water.

· Fishing - UICE paddle boards are excellent platform for fishing. Sup allows you to move around as close to the water as possible, opening up new possibilities and places for fishing.


1.Maximum Load: 230-260Litres Volume /100-120kg (approx.)
2.Board Weight: 22lbs
3.Maximum Weight: 250lbs
4.PSI: 20-25 Maximum
5.Rocker: Progressive nose to tail design
6.Fin System: 2+1 fin set up, New hard plastic fin with new style screw no tool
7.Tie Downs/Ups/Handles: Three strong neoprene handles, thick bungee chord, five dual direction D rings.
8.Materials: Military Grade, White Grain PVC, dense Korean Drop Stitch (16,000 threads/m2)
9.Manufacturing Process: Advanced Polymer Fusion

Material: High quality drop-stitch + Plato PVC +
EVA non-slip mat + environmental glue
Size: 305*81*15cm(10' x 32'' x 6'') / 320*81*15cm(10'6'' x 32'' x 6'')/335*84*15cm(11'x 33''x 6'')
Load-bearing: 10'-140KG, 10'6''-160kg
Maximum inflatable: 20psi
Net weight: 10KG
Color: Black leaf

Package Included:
1 Set Inflatable Paddle Board